Who we Are

Muso Records is a fresh creation of a new era sound which caters for all music lovers. As a record brand we aim to introduce fresh talent with energy that will bring our audience a different sound which consists of various music genres.
The stable diverse creation and creativity of sound and music is inspired by different Cultures around the globe. Muso Records was established in Richards bay KwaZulu-Natal. Our vision at Muso Records is to not only grow as a stable record company but to also grow with fresh new South African talent that is yet to be flourish in the music industry. All of our artists will be groomed in their talent and all aspects of the performing arts. We aim to produce talent that is world class.
Our Vision?
Our vision at Muso Records is to not only grow as a stable but to also grow with new talent that is yet to be flourish in the music industry. We understand that by bringing a platform to the fresh south African talent is a pivotal journey for us in order to produce the best quality music that can appeal to any individual while breaking musical boundaries in every possible way when it comes to music and performing arts.
Our Mission
When looking at all aspects of the music industry considering various platforms of reaching out to a huge market our first mission would have being recognized on digital sales, physical copies and bookings for municipal events, 
corporate and recreational events however due to lack of certain resource we are still not granted access but strongly working towards that goal in the near future. For Muso records to accomplish the following goal we believe if we have a good PR team which is strategically strong , good promotion, sales and the best marketing team our audience mass will unlock or even help us reach new frontiers in the music business.
Our Aim
Our Aim is to put not only Richards Bay on the Map as the first stable to be established and nurtured in Richard Bay but to put the whole of Zululand on the map by ensuring that we grow the stable and be able to build relationships with international acts in music industry.

  • Nhlakanipho S H Zungu: CEO
  • Nhlaka combines a deep passion for music and a background in business across various sectors to lead the Muso Records and its artists to greater heights in the South African Music industry.

  • Ndumiso B Sibisi: Creative Director
  • Ndumiso is an all rounder with a background in IT, production management, sound engineering and music production. He bring the Midas touch to every note he touches..
Muso Records main focus is about attracting a whole market of an audience that loves to be entertained via lifestyle, events, fashion, technology, music, motion pictures as well as Arts and Culture in the International Market. The business has a strong marketing position and a coherent strategy to all it’s offering such as: Media and Entertainment technology coverage. – Artist Development – Local marketing & Social strategy – Global marketing strategy – Brand activation & product developing – Public & Private Associations which includes the Cooperate & Investment sector